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This is the car part. If you want, you can skip it and go on to where we started the bike tour.


May 4, 2006

Munich - South Tyrol, Italy

After a long hard winter, we look forward to sunny Italy. Actually the day we leave Munich the weather is better on our side of the Alps. We're taking a long car trip to find the sun and it's here? As we approach Campitello in the Dolomites where we will visit friends, the weather is anything but inviting. But South Tyrol isn't Apulia, we still have a way to go.

May in the Dolomites, but not yet spring

View of Florence from the Piazzala Michelangelo, a three-minute walk from the camping

May 5 - 7, 2006


When we get out of the mountains and reach the Po Valley the air is mild. We drive to the Camping Michelangelo in Florence, situated on a hill overlooking the city with a view of the Duomo. It's impressive. At this time of year the camping isn't crowded but in the summer I might want to avoid it.

It's a short downhill ride to the city by bike. In the old part of town the streets are barred to motorized traffic and biking around the city is easy and certainly the best way to get to see as much as possible.

May 8 - 9, 2006


Today we continue only as far as Assisi, thus cutting up the car trip into small manageable portions. We spend two nights at a camping a short distance outside of Assisi and welcome the transportation they offer into town. Assisi is small and best seen on foot so why bike the steep cobblestone streets in the rain?  We spend most of our time here looking at the marvelous frescoes by Giotto, Assisi's main attraction.

Basilica S. Francesco, Assisi

The Gargano coast has limestone cliffs, coves, sandy beaches and many lovely whitewashed towns looking down over the Mediterranean

May 10 - 11, 2006

The Gargano Peninsula

Today we reach the northern most part of Apulia and are the only guests at our camping, near the town of Rodi. The season hasn't got underway yet.

It's still raining so we resort to the car for a tour of the mountainous Gargano Peninsula , the spur on the heel of the boot, a national park with long, sandy beaches, coves, craggy limestone cliffs and great forests of pine, oak and beech. It is beautiful but I don't think we would have toured here by bike in the best of weather - too many steep climbs.

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