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May 24, 2006

Ostuni - Alberobello, 36 km

Again it is hot. Fortunately, our goal for today is only a half day's ride. Olive trees, cypress and vineyards accompany us over the gentle hills. The closer we get to Alberobello the more trulli we see, shooting up like mushrooms in the countryside.  

It was a nice ride, but still we didn't want to ride all the way back to Ostuni where we forgot our passports.

In Italy it is customary to leave your passport at the reception or with the owner of the hotel or B&B until you have paid the bill. This morning we paid the bill but rode off without our passports. I telephoned with Pasquale, the hotelier in Ostuni. Yes, he had noticed the passports soon after we left. I suggested we stay where we are and he send them by mail, special delivery or whatever is appropriate in Italy. A few hours later my cell phone rings and Pasquale announces he will drive over after work and bring us our passports! When he and his wife arrive, we have a glass of wine together.
How to show our appreciation? We feel uncomfortable doing it but we would also feel uncomfortable not doing it: we offer to pay him for his time and trip, which he of course refuses. It was out of kindness. So once again many thanks to Pasquale.

"Our" trullo

Alberobello is a trullo stronghold, there are hardly any other types of houses here. Renovated trulli with electricity and running water are also rented out by hotels in addition to their regular rooms, and they are not any more expensive. "Our" trullo belongs to the Hotel Lanzalotti and is very pleasant. It has a sitting room (where we park our bikes) and a bedroom, very thick walls and not too much natural light. It's nice and cool in there.

Symbols are often painted on the roofs

Types of roof tops and symbols

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