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May 26, 2006

Conversano - Bitonto, 50 km

Although the scenery along the way offers little variety, the ride isn't dull. Our route takes us through easily accessible towns which invite us to explore: Fine, Rutigliano, Aldelfia, Bitetto, Palo. Occasionally we catch a view of the coast from the road and now that we are closer to Bari, the traffic increases.

Street in Rutigliano, on the way to Bitonto

Vineyards on the way to Bitonto, the Adriatic on the horizon

Here a side view of the cathedral of San Valentino in Bitonto, started at the beginning of the 13th centruy. It is considered one of the most elegant churches in Apulia.


Excavations started in 1901 discovered that the cathedral had been erected on previous buildings dating to the 10th century B.C. and 5th century B.C. (Roman period). These extensive excavation sites beneath the cathedral are now open to the public.

The corso is just beginning

The celebration of the patron saint of a town is a major festivity. For this event, huge scaffoldings in the form of archways and towers with innumerable light bulbs line the squares and avenues. We also witness brass bands, fireworks and a Catholic mass held on an open-air stage.

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