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May 27, 2006

Bitonto - Castel del Monte,
47 km

Our last day on our bikes. We are on our way back to the B&B where we left our car. A quiet narrow road between olive groves takes us to Terlizzi, a pretty town, and then we go on to Ruvo. Ruvo deserves a stop for its Romanesque church, historical buildings and museum.

We also prolong our stop due to another bout of the trots that keeps me tethered to a café with a john. I am very reluctant to leave the security of this place before the Imodium tablet takes effect.

Road leaving Bitonto

Ruvo occupies the site of the ancient Rubi, which was once a flourishing Greek town famous in the 5th–3rd century BC for its potteries, which were imitations of Corinthian and Attic black-and-red-figure vases. In the Palazzo Jatta is a famous and beautiful collection of classical Greek vases and pottery found in the Apulian tombs around the city. This is a pleasant and interesting museum to visit even if you're not into Greek vases.

Taking one more rest in the shade before we reach Sei Carri, the B&B where we started out. The garage advertised on the side of this building we don't need, but the shower, restaurant and bar would be welcome.

Our trip is over. When we return to Sei Carri  the fields which were covered with wild flowers when we left two weeks ago are now turning brown. As a new season approaches, a new face of the Apulian landscape is revealed.

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